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Social Media Platforms

A Quick Guide To Social Media Platforms

By gayleadmin | Sep 21, 2018

When it comes to social media there is a wide variety of platforms designed to target specific functions. Determining which platforms are most beneficial for your church can be a little overwhelming. So we have compiled a quick guide to help you see the value of platforms by their functions. Social Networks This group consists…

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Facebook: Pages vs. Groups

By gayleadmin | Sep 12, 2018

Utilizing Facebook for your church can have some real advantages. The first being that a large majority of your congregation and community are already actively using Facebook each week. This gives your church a great opportunity to connect and engage with people on a weekly basis. The second advantage is that Facebook provides the options…

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social media for your church

Benefits of Social Media for your Church

By gayleadmin | Sep 7, 2018

God’s work through the local church is about reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping them to know God better each day.  Adding Social Media for your church has so many benefits to fulfilling the Great Commission. Reaches More People By the year 2020 social media users are expected to reach 2.95…

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Church Community

Are You Playing Hide And Seek In Your Community

By gayleadmin | Aug 31, 2018

It finally came, the literature piece you have been designing for weeks for your church. You sent it to the printers and have waited patiently, and now it’s here! You immediately put some in your pocket and give them out on Sunday to your members so that they can tell others about your church. Everyone…

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church community

Entering Every Home In Your Community

By gayleadmin | Aug 22, 2018

The church’s main objective is people. Pastors are always encouraging church members to share the gospel and invite others they meet to visit church with them. Many churches have visitation or outreach programs on a weekly basis to invite people to their church. Today, technology has given churches the advantage to put a digital invitation…

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Introducing Your Church

Introducing Your Church to the World

By gayleadmin | Aug 15, 2018

Influence is the most powerful possession we own.  Every person has influence in different degrees for good or for evil.  What we need in this world is godly influence!  Your influence, your church’s influence is so vital to the cause of Christ.  In Matthew 5:13 the Lord says we are to be the “salt” of…

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Church Credibility

What Is Your Church Credibility Rating?

By gayleadmin | Aug 2, 2018

If everyone in your community were given a poll to rate your church’s credibility, what would your rating be? Research shows that 46% of the people today determine the credibility of an organization from its website. Credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed in. When you think of an organization that is credible we relate to them…

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3 Tips to Streamline Contributions

By gayleadmin | Dec 19, 2017

Receipting Contributions The church functions through the tithes and offerings of its members and project donors. Keeping track of these contributions is a priority of the church. The procedure of recording, whether it be by hand, spreadsheets, word docs or software is not of importance, but the information each receipt or contribution statement is. Whether…

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Outsource Payroll

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll

By gayleadmin | Dec 12, 2017

We know it takes a lot of effort to process your payroll. As a ministry leader or small business owner, your time is an invaluable resource. Deciding to outsource payroll to experienced professionals is an option that will benefit not only your time, but also your wallet. Here are the top three reasons you should…

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