Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll

Outsource Payroll

We know it takes a lot of effort to process your payroll. As a ministry leader or small business owner, your time is an invaluable resource. Deciding to outsource payroll to experienced professionals is an option that will benefit not only your time, but also your wallet. Here are the top three reasons you should…

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Are Your Church Financials Holding You Back?

Every pastor deals with the issue of stewardship from the pulpit, but have they structured their church to lead the way by example on financial stewardship? Is there a transparency to their members and donors that encourage them to give more? The pastor’s knowledge and understanding, or lack thereof, on how to communicate the financial…

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FOCUS ON YOUR MISSION…… NOT on payroll, paperwork management, government compliance, HR issues and W/C insurance. It’s an easy transition! We’ll be your guide on Employee Matters and Administrative Processes. Freeing your time to focus on your Ministries. Streamline Administration and Wage Law Compliance: Payroll Processing Direct Deposit Tax Payments Quarterly & Annual Tax Filings…

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Relieving the Headaches of Payroll


THE HEADACHE No matter the niche of your business or ministry, growing means hiring employees, which brings along the hassle of payroll. But is payroll really worth your time and money? With all of the payroll laws, federal taxes, state taxes, quarterly filings, annual filings, W2’s, and employee benefits it can be overwhelming to make…

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A Solution For Payroll

The payroll process: how hard can it be, right? You write your employees a check and you’re done! But as you soon find out, that’s not the case. With a business to run, paying employees is a necessity; but having the time to do it is difficult to make a priority. The stress builds up…

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Outsource Payroll = Save Money

Processing payroll can be a daunting and time consuming task. For many business owners, its a task that remains on their plate, due to either not being able to hire another employee or to trust an employee with the private information of their coworkers. Hiring the wrong person to process the payroll in-house can cause…

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