Growing Your Business With A Virtual Bookkeeper

We get it: running a small business is hard work and takes more time than you have to offer. You’re protective and rightfully so! You took an idea/passion and turned it into a successful business. But with the growth, there are more hats than you can possibly wear in a day, and that is where we come in. Professional Support Staff offers certified bookkeepers to manage your finances so you can give your time and attention back to the growth of your company!

Our virtual, certified bookkeepers are on average a 10th of the cost of hiring an employee. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already an established business, Professional Support Staff can save you time and money by managing the following:
1. Setup and structure your chart of accounts
2. Data entry
3. Analyze expenses to cut out any unnecessary charges
4. Pay bills
5. Invoicing and monthly statements to customers
6. Setup to receive online payments
7. Pay sales tax
8. Monthly reconciliation
9. Weekly or monthly reports for management

Feel this is a solution for your business? Call Professional Support Staff at (865) 272-6550 and let one of our certified bookkeepers start helping you today!