Virtual Payroll Assistant | Relieve Payroll Headaches


No matter the niche of your business or ministry, growing means hiring employees, which brings along the hassle of payroll. But is payroll really worth your time and money? With all of the payroll laws, federal taxes, state taxes, quarterly filings, annual filings, W2’s, and employee benefits it can be overwhelming to make sure your business is compliant, but it is extremely important to avoiding costly penalization’s!

Since payroll relates to private information of your employees, it can be hard to trust someone in-house to help you process the paychecks. This makes it difficult to maintain a work/life balance for you as it controls your time during the day, as well as, scheduling any vacation time away.


If you find yourself agreeing with some of these points mentioned above, Professional Support Staff may be the solution for you! Now some fear outsourcing steals their control or access to information that they feel is vital to their business, but that is where Professional Support Staff changes the game. Yes, we process your payroll and keep you compliant, but you own the software and all of the information in it!

So contact us today at (865) 272-6550, to gain a peace of mind that your payroll needs are being met, while you turn your time and attention back to what you love doing!