3 Reasons Preachers Should Put Their Sermons in Print

What a wonderful privilege the Lord has given men of God in allowing them to preach the Bible! After entering into the labor of studying, preparing, and delivering a sermon, is that the end of the matter? It does not have to be! You can have your sermons put into print through a process called transcription. All you need for your sermon to be transcribed is the audio file of your sermon. A qualified PA can then turn your sermon into a publish-ready document from there! Your sermon will arrive back to you in a formatted document with verses double checked for accuracy and correct punctuation and all filler words (um, like, etc.) removed to make an easily read file.

Sermons Should Be Transcribed So They Can Reach a Greater Audience.

Having the text of your sermon allows you to use small sections of the text on social media or blogs. This generation reads and ponders what they read on social media and blogs. You can publish the entirety of the sermon in newsletters, magazines or books to reach the masses outside your congregation.

Sermons Should Be Transcribed So the Impact Will Last Longer.

A sermon in print lasts for years after the sermon has been preached. Have you ever read a sermon preached by Charles Spurgeon? Jonathan Edwards? These men lived and died hundreds of years ago, but their message lives on. This is only possible because their sermon was put into print!

Sermons Should Be Transcribed Because Truth Must Be Repeated.

My pastor says often, “Truth must be contended for in every generation.” Perhaps you think you do not preach anything original. Amen! Bible truth, however, must be repeated again and again to every generation.

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