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Increase Business Productivity with Pro Financial Staff

Increase Productivity, Not Payroll?  Wow, that sounds pretty good for every business and we’d like to tell you how most businesses do it.  You’ve heard of virtual assistants, but likely thought they were for big business.  Although this may be true, the change in business plans to using virtual assistants is changing how people do…

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How to Make a Great First Impression

Most people will form their opinion of you within the first thirty seconds of meeting you. Once their opinion is formed it’s pretty difficult to change their view. Whether you are wanting to nail an interview or you are meeting a potential client, making the right first impression is essential. Here are three easy tips…

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Quick Tips to Overcome the Fear of Impromptu Public Speaking

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” – Mark Twain Public speaking is the number one fear in America. Death is number two. At one time or another, nearly every person has experienced the paralyzing fear, sweaty palms, racing thoughts and dry throat that accompany public speaking. If the…

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