A Quick Guide To Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

When it comes to social media there is a wide variety of platforms designed to target specific functions. Determining which platforms are most beneficial for your church can be a little overwhelming. So we have compiled a quick guide to help you see the value of platforms by their functions. Social Networks This group consists…

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Facebook: Pages vs. Groups


Utilizing Facebook for your church can have some real advantages. The first being that a large majority of your congregation and community are already actively using Facebook each week. This gives your church a great opportunity to connect and engage with people on a weekly basis. The second advantage is that Facebook provides the options…

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Benefits of Social Media for your Church

social media for your church

God’s work through the local church is about reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping them to know God better each day.  Adding Social Media for your church has so many benefits to fulfilling the Great Commission. Reaches More People By the year 2020 social media users are expected to reach 2.95…

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Does Your Online Image Really Matter?

first impressions

When we meet people in person its all about first impressions and these moments are crucial for every church. Your return visitors and future members rely on a good first impressions. It is what they take away from every greeter, look and ease of facility layout, structure of service and the Bible message. It is how…

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As we continue the journey of discovery from good to great, there is a second common denominator that all great leaders have in common: humility first and then passion. Great leaders demonstrate extreme humility in their everyday life and especially in the public eye. They never take full credit for accomplishments. They give credit to…

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Where Does Greatness Come From?

As I started seeking where true greatness comes from, I had to start with God. He is the greatest of all. He created us and knows our strengths and weaknesses. I began my journey to find out what great leaders had in common.  It never ceases to amaze me how all principles of greatness come…

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Moving from Good to Great

My name is Gayle Washington, I am 53 years old and still love the adventures and pioneering spirit of owning my own business. A year ago, I once again leaped off the cliff to launch a new virtual company, called Professional Support Staff. As I’m in a different season of life, the focus of this…

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