A Solution For Payroll

The payroll process: how hard can it be, right? You write your employees a check and you’re done! But as you soon find out, that’s not the case. With a business to run, paying employees is a necessity; but having the time to do it is difficult to make a priority.

The stress builds up as you try to stay ahead of the process. There are so many things to consider: the payment schedule, knowing whether the deductions are post-tax or pre-tax, keeping up with state and federal taxes to avoid penalties, and the list goes on and on. Before you know it, payroll has become a headache to your ministry or business and is stealing your precious time as you try to manage it.

What can outsourcing your payroll to Professional Support Staff do for you?
Save you money
Save you time
Keep you compliant
Pay employees by direct deposit
Handle payroll taxes

Outsourcing payroll to Professional Support Staff can be a valuable solution and help get you back to focusing on the growth of your ministry! Contact us today at (865) 272-6550 or check us out at www.profinancialstaff.com!