Benefits of Social Media for your Church

God’s work through the local church is about reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping them to know God better each day.  Adding Social Media for your church has so many benefits to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Reaches More People

By the year 2020 social media users are expected to reach 2.95 billion – one third of the earths entire population.

That is astounding!  Through little effort you are able to go beyond the four walls of the church building and share the gospel.  You can share testimonies, sermons, Bible verses, devotionals, and much more.  Current generations are gathering by the billions on a virtual platform – Social Media.  Every church wants to reach people, so have a voice on Social Media where billions of people are communicating and building relationships with each other.  We live in the greatest time to reach more people with less effort through technology.

Encourages Christians to Stay Engaged in the Work of the Lord

In 2016 United States users spent more than 215 weekly minutes on social media via smartphone.

Social Media is a way to communicate with church members and Christians in your community and around the world.  Just think, your church can encourage, train, and build relationships with thousands of Christians. God has given us an unbelievable tool to reach the world!

Campaigns Can Be Measured for Effectiveness

Though 63% of churches say marketing is important or extremely important, a study by the Center for Church Communication revealed that 76% of churches aren’t documenting or tracking the results of their marketing.

A great benefit of Social Media campaigns is the ability to track performance and effectiveness.  Whenever your church has an emphasis or campaign it can be difficult to measure the. With Social Media for your church you can know with a simple click of a button what methods work and what does not work.  This will help you focus on what is yielding good results.

Cost Effective

Think about how much your church spends on flyers, direct mail, and printed pieces to communicate with people.  Direct marketing will be seen one time, but Facebook ads (at a cost starting at $5.00) will be seen multiple times. Social Media can enhance your ministry with minimal financial investment.   Utilizing Social Media for the ministry just makes sense and is very effective in reaching all current generations.

You may be thinking, “That sounds great, but I don’t have time to incorporate Social Media.” We have a solution that gives peace of mind.  Professional Support Staff is here to help you manage your Social Media.  We have trained, skilled Social Media Personal Assistants that will manage your church’s Social Media accounts, and you can start reaching the multitudes with the gospel.  Contact us today @ (865) 272-6550 for a Media Package.