As we continue the journey of discovery from good to great, there is a second common denominator that all great leaders have in common: humility first and then passion. Great leaders demonstrate extreme humility in their everyday life and especially in the public eye. They never take full credit for accomplishments. They give credit to their team. Their passion is greater than themselves. Great leaders were all plow horses and not show horses. There must be humility first combined with passion to equal greatness.

Great leaders are fiercely driven, infected with an incurable need to serve their passion and high expectations. NO MEDIOCRITY!!! They will only settle for the best. They are intolerant of anyone that would accept the good and not the great.

My passion, first and foremost, is to be a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. God Himself has a purpose and plan for my life. When you find that purpose, it will consume you with a passion that never stops burning inside your soul, it cannot be put out!

God gave me a husband with my same passion to reach and teach children the Word of God. We have been serving through our local church in the inner-city children’s outreach for twenty-nine years. We love serving in that ministry more today than years ago when we first started out helping in a Junior Sunday School class. It is amazing how God has the greatest plan for your life and if we obey Him, He connects all the dots for a wonderful, unexplainable life.

God gave us a passion that is just as strong to see business people get engaged in the Lord’s work. That’s what drove me to start Professional Support Staff. I have a love for business and desire to be dedicated to the Lord’s work. My passion is to see ministry and business merge together to discover true greatness. I believe that God gave principles in His Word that, if followed, will take my business from good to great.

God does not need my money; He needs me. I grew up in a very successful family retail business in the Florida Keys. I experienced a true taste of entrepreneurism. God taught me so many things through parents that truly influenced my life. They taught me honesty, integrity, hard work, courage, respect of persons and many other attributes that I can only begin to list. My father was driven with this burning passion for business. His expectations were high, and he accepted no mediocrity from anyone. What a great debt I owe to him for passing that on to me!


Principle 2

True greatness begins with humility and deep passion—with inspired, high expectations from God—yet never seeking full credit.


My name is Gayle Washington, I am 53 years old and still love the adventures and pioneering spirit of owning my own business. A year ago, I once again leaped off the cliff to launch a new virtual company, called Professional Support Staff. As I am in a different season of life, the focus of this company is different than anything I have ever experienced in the past. The question I continue to ask myself is, “Do I want Professional Support Staff to be a good company or a great company? I am blogging this series as I search for what moves people from good to great!