Introducing Your Church to the World

Influence is the most powerful possession we own.  Every person has influence in different degrees for good or for evil.  What we need in this world is godly influence!  Your influence, your church’s influence is so vital to the cause of Christ.  In Matthew 5:13 the Lord says we are to be the “salt” of the earth.  The primitive church was a body of believers that had tremendous influence and spread the gospel around the world.  Today, we have a great opportunity to influence the world through technology.  Are you introducing your church to your community and around the world?

Look at some of these astounding statistics.

  1. There are 95 billion internet users in the world as of June 2018. 
  1. Asia has the most internet users of all continents— accounting for 48 percent of all Internet users. 
  1. China has the most internet users of any country. At over 772 million Internet users.  
  1. Iceland is the country with the highest internet penetration in the world— with an impressive 100 percent of its citizens using the Internet. 
  1. There are 274 million internet users in the United States in 2018. This figure is projected to grow to 5 million internet users by 2022.

God has given you a way to get your ministry’s influence out world-wide at your fingertips.  Websites are one of the most neglected forms of godly influence.  It is a tool with the ability to give your godly influence to the world and reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Think of it this way, you have a potential audience of 3.95 billion people that are using the World Wide Web!  We live in the greatest time to proclaim the gospel to every person on the planet.

Websites are your opportunity to influence the world.  Professional Support Staff can create your custom website at an unbelievable, affordable price.  We also offer social media management that maintains and increases your virtual presence to a world of almost 4 billion.

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