Moving from Good to Great

My name is Gayle Washington, I am 53 years old and still love the adventures and pioneering spirit of owning my own business. A year ago, I once again leaped off the cliff to launch a new virtual company, called Professional Support Staff. As I’m in a different season of life, the focus of this company is different than anything I have ever experienced in the past. The question I continue to ask myself is, “Do I want Professional Support Staff to be a good company or a great company?

Of course, I want it to be a great company, but beyond that do I want to be a good leader or do I want to be a great leader?  What makes a great leader?   Why are there more good leaders than great leaders?  I realize I cannot have a great company unless I am a great leader.  So, I ask myself, “Which am I?” Which kind of leader are you?  Do I want to finish my life being remembered as a good leader or a great leader? I decided I want to be great and not settle for good.  I once heard someone wiser than I say, “Good is the greatest enemy of great.”

Join me over the next few weeks on this continual journey from good to greatness no matter who you are. It applies to all people.  We will explore and discover basic principles that will attribute to you and me being great for God and not settling for good.