Does Your Online Image Really Matter?

When we meet people in person its all about first impressions and these moments are crucial for every church. Your return visitors and future members rely on a good first impressions. It is what they take away from every greeter, look and ease of facility layout, structure of service and the Bible message. It is how every visitor will determine if they’ll interact with us again or not.

So we all understand how it works in person, but what first impression are you giving your church visitors online? When people look at your website, do they relate and feel engaged or are they trying to move on and forget you as soon as possible? To help you, Professional Support Staff has listed a few tips to help improve your online image.

3 Tips for Your Website

Your Logo – this is such an important feature of your online image. People can’t possibly remember your whole website, but your logo should be easy for one to remember and associate with you. Keep it simple, bold and consider this guide to the proper color tone.
Comfortable Layout – there are so many design themes to be used that can help your website speak volumes to all those first time visitors. Be sure to avoid a cluttered website, giving proper spacing to all the important information. Give your viewers a snapshot of your business with just the first glance!
Easy to Read – keep your text simple and use the right color contrast that make your website easy to look at. You want to make it easy for your reader to keep moving from one section to the next, guide their focus to what you have to say or offer!

To save time and improve your online presence, contact Professional Support Staff by phone (865) 272-6550 or for more information visit our website and let one of our design specialist start helping you today!