3 Tips To Connect With Visitors Through Your Website

When considering if a website is really necessary for your church, let’s look at the how the people in your community function. We live in a day and age where information is readily available to anyone with a smart phone or computer. People don’t like to be inconvenienced. They want to know quickly who or what is near them and what they have to offer. People are no longer looking churches up in the yellow pages, they are surfing the web. If your church has no internet presence it’s like having an open house, but never putting out the signs to let anyone know.

Google has more than 1 billion searches a day. Having a website has never been more crucial for your church. It creates credibility with your community and is a great way to inform and engage members and visitors. When you build a website, remember it isn’t for the pastor and staff. Be sure it covers the necessary information visitors need to know and reveals to them the benefit of what your church has to offer!

3 Tips To Connect With Visitors Through Your Website

  1. Address and Service Times – Put your address and service times are on the home page where they can be clearly seen! Most visitors average 15 seconds on a webpage. If they can’t see quickly where you are located or when you are meeting, chances are they will never walk through your doors.
  2. Presentation and Content – Design your website to be clear, concise and simple. This will help to make browsing easy for your visitors and can be used to guide them through your content. Brand yourself with a logo. Provide pictures of your staff and facilities and keep content current.
  3. Video – 92% of all web users are spending their time watching digital videos. Capture their attention instantly on your home page by using a video to introduce your church, pastor, ministries and mission. Live-stream your services for those who can’t make it or archive your services for those who want to watch them again later on.

These are just a few ideas for you to consider with your church website. Want help with your website? Professional Support Staff can build your church a custom website quickly with experienced web developers. We streamline your website, media and online giving!

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