What Kind of First Impression Are You Giving?

As pastors lead the church, they set the tone for the first impression the church gives to every visitor. We are not just talking about the visitors that members bring with them, but every visitor that walks through the church door, visits their website or social media, calls or emails the office, watches on TV or listens on the radio. The first seven minutes are crucial to giving your visitors a positive first impression. Managing this is a huge responsibility for every pastor. It used to be simply handled with door greeters and a receptionist, but now technology has multiplied the angles people are looking at you, and the seven minutes for visitors are passing quickly.

There is no need to worry or be overwhelmed anymore. Professional Support Staff was designed to help you. We are here to give pastors a peace of mind with virtual office assistants. These assistants support pastors with

Communication Services, Office Organization, and Media Services. We help deliver a positive experience to every visitor!

Communication Services – We can help deliver a smooth impression to visitors by keeping all of your social media up-to-date.

Office Organization – We can professionally answer every phone call, respond to every email and send personal letters to all of your visitors.

Media Services – We have a unique platform designed for churches to combine your website, mobile app, and all of your media streaming to help send your message across the nation.

Take control of every first impression your church gives. Don’t lose your visitors before they ever make it to the pew. First time guests are a gift from God. God brings them through your front doors. Your first impression can result in changed lives for eternity.

Increase your first impression today for the better, and call Professional Support Staff to get your virtual assistant!

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