Where Does Greatness Come From?

As I started seeking where true greatness comes from, I had to start with God. He is the greatest of all. He created us and knows our strengths and weaknesses.

I began my journey to find out what great leaders had in common.  It never ceases to amaze me how all principles of greatness come from God and are clearly stated in His Word!  This is seen time and time again in the character traits of great leaders. 

Over the next few weeks I hope to investigate these thought-provoking, common denominators on basic principles that have lead men and women to become great leaders through history.

First, I found, recognizing the brutal truth and complete honesty with myself is essential along this journey to discover what I am and where I am going.  Do I acknowledge my weaknesses? Am I looking in the mirror and seeing where I’m truly at? Do others see evidence of greatness in my life?  Achieving greatness only comes at the cost of true humility before God, which is very difficult for leaders to embrace.  Ironically, to become great, you must die to yourself.

True greatness is not measured by wealth.  It is not passed down from generation to generation. It truly comes from within and is a struggle to consistently decrease to self and increase toward greatness, which we find in God Himself.  No one becomes great outside the influence of God and His principles. God Himself is the greatest. He will be the greatest for all eternity. 

So, join me in asking yourself, do I have these Biblical character traits. Are these disciplines evident in my life?  Am I willing to sacrifice and embed disciplines in my life that will move me consistently toward greatness? 


Principle 1

I must recognize the brutal truth and have complete honesty with myself.

My name is Gayle Washington, I am 53 years old and still love the adventures and pioneering spirit of owning my own business. A year ago, I once again leaped off the cliff to launch a new virtual company, called Professional Support Staff. As I am in a different season of life, the focus of this company is different than anything I have ever experienced in the past. The question I continue to ask myself is, “Do I want Professional Support Staff to be a good company or a great company? I am blogging this series as I search for what moves people from good to great!