Are You Safe From Church Fraud?

Churches are an easy target for embezzlement and usually the theft is not even detected until it has been going on for over a year. Per the Status of Global Mission report from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, church fraud is on the rise. Christian organizations worldwide lost 50 billion of all funds given in 2015 and are expected to reach 100 billion by 2025.
The scary truth is, on average 3 out of every 10 workers will steal. This is a hard fact to swallow when we think of our church staff. They are the ones leading us in the Lord’s work and we want to believe this includes proper stewardship of the Lord’s money. When it comes to the ministry, we generally tend to be more trusting of those in leadership. It’s hard for us to imagine that our faithful Pastor, trusted deacon, or long term secretary could ever be capable of such a thing.
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