Are Your Church Financials Holding You Back?

Every pastor deals with the issue of stewardship from the pulpit, but have they structured their church to lead the way by example on financial stewardship? Is there a transparency to their members and donors that encourage them to give more? The pastor’s knowledge and understanding, or lack thereof, on how to communicate the financial reality of the church to its members, will guide the attitude of how its daily operations and ministries are supported.

Professional Support Staff is a company dedicated to helping pastors with their church financials. We provide structure that gives accountability in contributions and bookkeeping along with the knowledge to keep you compliant in payroll & human resources. We love helping pastors with the business side of the church’s operations so they can focus on ministering to their members and community. Don’t allow room in the following areas for the devil to cause doubt and confusion in your church.

Don’t allow someone’s integrity to be questioned. Contributions are a huge responsibility in any church. All it takes is one member to question how their donations are being handled and you could have a church split on your hands! It is not the pastor’s integrity that is questioned so much as it is the individuals responsible for counting the offering and recording the contributions. Professional Support Staff helps give accountability and provides safeguards to protect anyone involved.

Don’t allow banks or donors to say NO. Bookkeeping is more important than just for providing a budget report to the church. If any financing is needed for building projects or equipment, banks and large donors will be looking for specific reports proving consistent and proper handling of funds. Professional Support Staff uses up-to-date software to streamline your daily bookkeeping so proper reporting is only a click away.

Don’t allow government to question your ministry. Payroll & HR are so important in any ministry. It is the one thing that churches must report to the government. Professional Support Staff helps make certain you are up-to-date with state and federal regulations, keeps you current on all tax payments and filings and makes sure all benefits, clergy housing, and other deductions are processed properly.

Call us today, and see how Professional Support Staff can help streamline your church financials!

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